Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The H-Bomb Show 2019 Holiday Special

Happy New Year. If I do another one of these we'll be talking about a NEW ALBUM.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Avilable now: BOMBTRAX - Strong Enough To Break

Here's the official preview of the Strong Enough To Break commentary...


This is an audio track. The video above is strictly for demonstration purposes. No video track is provided. You should own the Strong Enough To Break documentary (on DVD or digital) before purchasing this track.

There are instructions on the track with synchronizing the audio of the commentary with the video, as well as synchronization lines approximately every 15 minutes to help you realign the commentary if you feel you are out of sync with the video.

Track released on 11/29/19 for those purchasing. You will receive a link in the email associated with your Paypal account on 11/29 (or shortly after whenever you purchase it if the purchase is made after that date) UNLESS YOU SPECIFY AN ALTERNATE EMAIL IN THE NOTE FIELD WHEN YOU SUBMIT PAYMENT.

The track will be released for free to all listeners on 2/28/20.


STANDARD TIER - $3 to purchase the commentary track

CLOSE, PERSONAL LONGTIME FRIEND TIER - $5 to purchase the commentary track, as well as receive a shoutout on any shows done between now and Summer 2020 (guaranteed at least one episode). ***Specify the name you want to be credited as in the note field when you submit payment - if you do not provide, I will likely use your first name and last initial***

To order, go to the link

100% of proceeds from sales of this track will go towards renewing the podcast and domain renewal that will take place in Spring 2020. If sales of this track do not provide at least 75% of the renewal costs, the renewal will not take place. Sales final.

Friday, July 5, 2019

The H-Bomb Show 2019 Summer Special: Building a Bridge

Beat the heat with our new summer episode. Just kidding. It doesn't actually cool you off.