Monday, June 13, 2016

Get clairvoyant for me.

Working on something for my podcast that should be interesting. From now through the end of June, I'm gathering predictions for what Hanson is going to do between now and the end of 2017. They can be serious or goofy, but make the majority of them more on the serious side.

Predictions can be text or an audio recording (keep it at around 2 minutes or less) and I'll read / play a bunch of them on the show.

Here's the thing - I'm not recording the episode until the beginning of December 2017. So we're taking all the predictions I get this month and locking them away for 18 months, then opening it up and seeing who actually got some stuff right...and who was hilariously off-base.

Examples of the kind of stuff we're after:
"2017 World Tour will go to [insert countries here]"
"7th full studio album will be scheduled for 2018"

Don't be afraid to get more ambitious than that, I'm just using those as fairly pedestrian examples.
You can submit the predictions to . Need them by June 30th. Make sure to put your name / city in there, unless you want to remain anonymous, but that's hardly a fun way to do this.

Podcast site is

The King Has Risen.


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